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Prayer Room Guidelines

The MSA Musallah is located in the Dr. William Riddell Center on the 2nd floor in room RC 285. 

Prayer Room Guidelines: ​

  1. Treat the space with care.

  2. Place shoes on the shoe racks

  3. Phone calls and conversations must be done outside

  4. Dry your feet thoroughly after Wudu'/ablution before entering the Prayer Room

  5. Unattended items will be removed after 24 hours

  6. No food or drinks in the Prayer Room

  7. Please do not bring tables or other furniture into the Prayer Space.

  8. No sleeping in the  Prayer Room

  9. When leaving the Prayer Space during early/after-hours, always do the following on your side of the Prayer Space:  

  • Turn off all lights

  • Close the doors behind you

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